Girl stop dreaming about those skinny jeans in the back of your closet

There comes a time in every woman’s life when, unfortunately, we have to throw out our once favorite pair of jeans because we’ve finally come to the realization that they are never going to fit quite the way they used to.

But guess what? There are plenty of other jeans in the sea. 

The fact is, our bodies change as we get older.

We can sit back and complain about it, or we can do something to change it.

Do you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and run down?


Are you constantly hungry, no matter how much or how often you eat?


Does working exercise into your daily routine feel like a struggle lately?

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Are you eating healthy, nutritious meals, but still not dropping the pounds?


Do you exercise multiple times/week, but the scale still won’t budge?


Is half your closet off-limits because everything is getting a little tight?

Ladies Let's Face It... You’re Not 20 Anymore 

Your body doesn’t metabolize food the way it used to when you were younger. 

You can no longer eat whatever you want, whenever you want, and not gain weight.

Here’s the GOOD news

Just because you’re getting a little older, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for feeling unhealthy, unsatisfied, and like your body is falling apart.


There is a way to feel comfortable - and sexy - in the skin you’re living in now.


I’m here to help you get your metabolism back on track with...

  • simple and fast meal plans to help you regain your energy and focus

  • eliminate brain fog,

  • stabilise your hormones

  • minimise bloating and inflammation you can start feeling amazing in your skin once again.

Hello, fellow busy ladies!
I’m Gintare your Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach. 

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I know your story because it used to be my story, too.


As a woman entrepreneur, I know just how difficult it can be to balance your business and personal life.

I’ve been there.

I remember looking in the mirror daily, and not liking what I saw.


No matter how hard I tried, the pounds just kept piling on.

Because of my experience, I created a convenient, time-saving solution for busy, health-conscious ladies, just like you: The Gintare Wellness Method.

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The Gintare Wellness Method

My simple, time-saving method starts with identifying your food habits and assessing your current level of wellbeing.


From there, we will create a plan to get you to eat a well-balanced diet based on the macronutrients you need to feel your best, lose weight, and sleep better.


We’ll work together to transform your emotional eating habits into a healthy relationship with food


My programs meet you where ever YOU are in your wellness journey

Gintare’s Signature Wellness Programs

My three signature wellness programs differ depending on your budget, your goals,

and how much support you need,

and they all include quick, simple, and affordable recipes that take no more than 20 minutes to make...

from start to finish 


 These time-saving meal plans help make it easier for you to live a healthier lifestyle, and look and feel great

(and sexy) again.

 Kickstart Your Wellness Journey

Not sure where to start?


Try the “Kickstart Your Wellness Journey” Program.

This 90-minute call includes 7-day wellness success package  plus all the information you need to get started on the path to successfully shedding pounds and feeling great.

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 Advance Your Wellness Journey

Need a little extra support?


Try the “Advance Your Wellness Journey” Program.


This 4-week program, offers the knowledge, tools, and accountability you need to get started and stay on the right path for lasting results.

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 Reset Your Body 

Transform Your Life

I'm Committed!


Let's transform your relationship with food


My 3-month program,

“Reset Your Body & Transform Your Life” will help you break habits and form new ones to set you on the path towards

your healthiest self.

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 I have lost 5 pounds the first two weeks, I feel no bloat, no water retention, and way more energy!

 My body LOVES It

 I have established the first stage of the program with a 7 pound loss, and I'm continuing with Gintare into the second program to lose the final 13 pounds.

Very excited! 

Gintare is amazing when it comes to accountability, communication, knowledge and wisdom, I highly recommend her and her programs.

Thank you!!!!

Kat Sidorenko

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