Hello I’m Gintare and Im embracing ketogenic lifestyle and wellness. I love to share my knowledges with others and I hope I can help or inspire others.


   For the last decade I was struggling with my weight. You see 15 years ago I moved London. Starting new life in a different country, was very exiting times for me. Getting to know different cultures  and obviously  that involves trying out all different type of foods, different cuisine and before I noticed the pounds just pilled up on me. At the beginning it was weird as I couldn’t understand why. When I was living in Lithuania  I was slim and never had a problem regarding my weight. So what changed now? So I started exercising and tried all different type of diets, it worked but not for long as soon I finished diet the weight gradually would come back and back to square one again. I just couldn’t understand what’s happening with me. 


    I wasn’t eating take away food, I always cooked everything from scratch, even exercise didn’t help me to shift my weight. I didn’t had energy at all, every day I would need to take power nap and the carving was driving me mad one minute I crave for something sweet next minute for something savoury. I was on a rollercoaster. The one thing I have to admit I always loved sugar. I’m a strong believer that you can get addictive to sugar the same way as you can be addictive to drugs. So that didn’t do any a favours to my weight. 


     Kitchen is my favourite place in the house. Every time I would start a new diet my “Master Chef” skills would come out. One of my favourite diets was Slimming World  the reason I loved it because I could  cook everything and I don’t need to buy any frozen or ready meals Im not a big fan of that. So probably you think she doest eat take away or ready meals so how come that’s she gain weight. Well it took me quite sometime to figure out why? The day I moved to London my entire food changed at the same time the quality of food itself changed so my body was adopting to the new “fuel”. When I was living back in Lithuania I was slim and never struggle with my weight considering I was chocolate addict. Back then we didn’t had in the supermarkets fat free this sugar free that. Everything was pure and natural even the chocolate tase it differently nothing to compare what we have now in the stores.


     And only when I got fed up with all the diets eat this, don’t eat that. I want it to know more about nutritions. This is where I discovered Ketogenic diet. I found out what  fat, sugar, carbohydrates, protein does to your body. This is where I decided to take my health in my hands and deal with my sugar addition and get my energy levels back. Starting Keto I went 

“Dry Turkey”no sugar no carbs. Carbs never really bothered me It was the sugar made a challenge. After few weeks the first thing I notice It was my energy when true the roof and my appetite when back to normal and finally I got control of my sugar habits.


Feeling great every single day is so important.

If you willing to change your lifestyle don’t wait for the singed just take action now. Set your goal and just go for it. Enjoy living your life to the fullest. 

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