Why You Should Increase Electrolytes During Keto Diet

Doing Keto it’s a long list of benefits. Starting from improving your general wellbeing, reduce cholesterol levels, heart disease, diabetes and so on.

But as any diet out there sometimes we need to watch out for the side affects.

So let’s talk about Electrolytes. We need to make sure that we consume it enough true out the day.

Electrolytes are the Minerals with in your body that is aid in cellular and organs to function. They’re essential for your body, to maintain hydration, acidity levels, muscle and nerve function.

During Keto we lose Electrolytes.

Well we know that carbs is also stored in our body as water not just as a glucose.

Lower dietary carb intake leads to increase water excretion and decrease water retention

Lower carb intake means less insulin release sousing the kidneys to excrete more sodium

Loss of sodium impacts the balance of the other key electrolytes

This electrolytes imbalance is linked to symptoms of Keto flu.

As carbs intake decreases, we lose electrolytes from are body in urine.

The Keto flu symptoms mostly triggered by imbalances electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium. So make sure you intake plenty of that true out the day in your foods.

No 1 rule do not really on the supplementation for the main source of minerals and micronutrients when following Keto diet. Supplement are not created to replace natural nutrition intake. Look at the supplement as the booster.

I love to make my own electrolyte drink. It’s Helped me to beat my Keto flu and also helps me to rehydrate after my morning exercise.

It’s very simple and quick to make it

You will nee:

1 lemon or lime

pinch of Himalayan salt,

1 tsp sweetener such as stevia


Squeeze juice of the lemon in a tall glass add stevia salt and top with the water stir it well and enjoy. To you health.

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