Greek Salad




Who doesn't love during a hot summer day a nice and refreshing greek salad. It's kind of a must have on the table dish when you do bbq well at least it's for me. All those refreshing flavours of summer cucumbers and tomatoes you can't replace that. And the dish on the table looks amazing with so many different colors, it really stands out.

Greek Salad


First things first make sure you wash all the vegetables so it's nice and clean, grab a nice big bowl, chopping board and start chopping. Cut tomatoes in half and place it in the bowl, cucumber slice in half and if you want you can scoop the seeds out, so the salads wont get watery as cucumber has so much water, cut onion and feta cheese toes it all in the same bowl, salt,  pepper, oregano, drizzle olive oil and you ready to eat.


1 pack of red cherry tomatoes 

1 pack of cherry yellow tomatoes

1 big cucumber

250g black pited olives

1 pack feta cheese 

1 big red onnion 

1tsp oregano

Salt and pepper to taste 

Fresh parsley (optional)

Olive oil