Italian Salad




When the summer outside your window and you have no idea what you want to eat. As it's too hot to cook and you don't want anything hot to begin with but certainly you fancy something fresh and light to eat. I love my Italian salad so simple to make with no effort, also it's great to put something on the table when an unexpected guest arrives. And those kinds of ingredients you always have in the fridge. Also it goes really well with a glass of rose or a nice glass of gin and tonic with a fresh cucumber slice in there.

Italian Salad


You will need 1 large mixing bowl for all the ingredients don't forget to wash tomatoes first as we dont want any germs in our beautiful salad. Cut the corner of the mozzarella cheese bag and drain all the liquid out. On the chopping board cut plum tomatoes in half, it doesn't really matter how you gonna cut it across it or length wise it's all up to you, grab mozzarella and cut it in half, well that depends how big is mozzarella balls if they are small you can leave it as it is but if they are slightly bigger than a  1 bite size then cut in half, add dried italian seasoning, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste toss it over sprinkle with fresh basil leaves and its ready to serve. Enjoy! 


● 1pack plum tomatoes 

● 300g mini mozzarella balls

● fresh basil leaves

● 1/2tsp dried mixed italian seasoning 

● 3tbsp olive oil

● salt and pepper to taste