Lamb Kofta With a Kick




I had one of those feelings. I want to eat something different but I don't know what. I had enough of chicken and pork or fish. So then I remembered one of my summer dishes, lamb kofta. Super easy to make it and it is something different. Normally in the summer I would use bbq charcoal grill to grill the meat but in the winter I use an oven grill lol I know it's not the same as the bbq grill but it does the trick.

Lamb Kofta With a Kick


First things first heat the grill pan or if you have a grill oven on the highest 220C degrees. In a mixing bowl place the meat and add all the spices and start to combine together. On a chopping board you need to chop onion into very small pieces and add that onion to lamb mixture, make sure it's well combined. Now fresh mint leaves chop them super fine and add to the meat mixture, mixing well. Make sure that onion and mint are well combined with the meat. Now grab the skewers, divide meat equally, shape it and insert skewer true and place it on the grill. Cook it for around 15-20 min all depending on the size of the meat skewer. Enjoy!


● 300g  ground lamb

● 1 1/2 tbsp fresh mint leaves 

● 2tsp ground cumin

● 1/2  small onion 

● 1tsp ground cayanne pepper

● 1 tsp ground cinammon

● 2 tbsp ground smoked paprica

● Salt and Pepper to taste 

● Wooden skewers