Marinated Grilled salmon




Salmon by far is my favourite fish. I can eat until it starts to come out from my ears for sure lol. When I have a super busy day and the last thing I want to think is dinner salmon comes in handy for sure, it's probably because it's easy and quick to make it. It doesn't take too much fuss and also it's super healthy, all that omega-3 vitamin that your body needs. And also I completely understand it's not easy to stay healthy when you are constantly on the go, busy with work or busy with the kids. So I recommend having frozen salmon in your freezer. It doest take long to defrost and it's super quick to make it. So this recipe that I'm about to share its really scrumptious.

Marinated Grilled salmon


Grab a lemon and squeeze the juice in a bowl add  1tsp of ground smoked paprika, salt and pepper to your taste and also chop some of the fresh parsley mix well all together. Place salmon fillets into the mixture  and leave at least for 1 hour to marinate. Let those lemon juice absorb into the salmon with that fresh parsley and paprika. I love the smell of that marinate. After the salmon is finished marinating, grab a skillet and heat it really well, you want that sizzling  to hear once you place salmon. Once the skillet is hot add a few drops of olive oil and gently place the salmon. I always place salmon as I call it face down I know its a fillet so there is no head but anyway what I mean is salmon skin is up as I prefer this way I grill for a 4-6 min on one side and then I turn the side and I fry for another 4-6 min or until fish skin is super crispy. And once it's done straight on the plate you can serve with the side of mixed salad or green vegetables also. Enjoy!


● 2 Salmon fillets -scalled and pin-bonned

● 1 Lemon 

● Fresh flat parsley

● 1tsp  Ground smoked paprica

● 2tbsp Olive oil

● Salt and pepper