Tender Roast Beef




This is one of my Sunday roast dishes. This recipe it takes a little bit of doing fuss around it as I call it, but on Sunday I don't mind to be honest with you. Sunday it's a chill out day for me and I love spending time in the kitchen making that delicious Sunday roast dinner with a glass of red wine by my side. You can't beat it. Not everyone loves to spend hours in the kitchen. For me it's the happiest place in the house, ok now you think I'm weird lol and I probably are but we all like to eat and not just any food but really delicious food. Well let me tell you that it takes time to prep it and to cook it. This recipe is simply classic and its simple to follow and the secret is just a good quality of beef and fresh ingredients, so make sure to get nice piece of rib eye from your local butchers and make sure you have fresh rosemary, I absolutely love that refreshing smell of rosemary so during the summer I always make sure I have in my garden.

Tender Roast Beef


Ok so you have a fresh beautiful rib eye ready, but first things first, take a bowl  it doest have to be a big one you need it for mixing all the spices first. Grab fresh garlic, peel the garlic cloves and crush it. I mean like mince it, then cut fresh rosemary very finely so that you are able to sprinkle, add smoked paprika, worcestershire sauce, olive oil and salt and pepper. Mix everything all together and start to smother rib eye, make sure that the spices are all over the beef and it's covered evenly. Once you finish smothering place beef on the side for the time being.

Preheat the oven to the highest degree 220C. Grab a roasting tin and 2 cups of beef stock, in the middle place 1 chopped red onion and now take your rib eye and place it on the top of the onions. Place in the preheated oven  and roast on the 220C for 15 to 20 min then reduce the heat to 160C and roast it for another hour. While the beef is cooking based on the roast with the pan juice that the beef is roasting a couple of times I would say every 20 min and I use turkey baster. When the beef is roasted, take it out, cover it, use a foil and leave it to rest for 10 to 15 min. Serve with mixed roast vegetables or salad of your choice. Enjoy!


● 3lb rib eye

● 3tsp fresh rosemary

● 4 garlic cloves

● 2tbsp smoked paprica

● 1 red onion

● 2tbsp worcestershire sauce 

● 2 cups of beef stock

● 4tbsp olive oil

● Salt and pepper to taste